Is this program FAA approved?

This program has not been approved or endorsed by the FAA or any aviation related institution. Use it at your own risk. Always double check everything.

How do I use the program?

Visit the download page and press the download button after you’ve read the disclaimer. The program is a portable executable file, meaning you can throw it on your flash drive and open it on any Windows PC without having to go through an installation process. 

I don’t have a Windows computer…

That’s not a question, but hopefully in the future there will be an app for iOS and Android.

Is this program safe?

Of course. Since the program is portable, there is no installer and no administrator access to your computer is necessary. Here is a link to the VirusTotal scan. (Cylance false positives are only fixable by paying them, which I shan’t be doing)

Who are you?

My name is Ben Berman. I’m a flight student at ERAU with a major in Aeronautical Science and minors in Meteorology and Computer Science. You can find my personal website here.

Who made this?

I coded the program and created the website alone, but can’t take all the credit. I’ve had a lot of help from friends and faculty at ERAU. Thank you all.

Do you make money from this?

No. Advertisements would ruin my attempt at pretty web design. I’ve created this in the little spare time I’ve had between being a full time student, flying, and working. If you find the program useful I appreciate any donations. You can donate via PayPal here.

How do I contact you?

Visit the contact page

My question isn’t here…

Contact me and I’ll add it.

How do I contact you?

Are you serious? I just… I just told you that a moment ago.